Who is a constituent?

Board and elections

I heard a trustee at a Shorewood Village Board meeting say that he was voting on a issue that was supported by his constituency.

When voted into office by an at-large vote, one wonders who his constituency is.  Are those opposed to his views on issues also his constituency? So then, how does he represent them? Don't the other trustees have the same constituency, the citizens at large? How does one represent more than one view when representing all the citizens, even those who didn't vote and those who voted for someone else?

Or is one's constituency the 20 or so who put their names to the papers for his run for office? Maybe he is referring to those who placed his signs in their yards? If this is the case, then, a lot of citizens are not represented.

I'd like to hear from trustees as to how they determine their constituencies. I'd like to hear, but I won't because I don't meet any of mentioned categories for constituency. I've voted for most the trustees. If they don't know that I have, how do they represent me or my views?

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