Let's get fuller discussion of issues from candidates.


It won't be long before we'll be involved in the coming local election. I expect that Dawn Anderson and Michael Maher will be candidates for their present seats on the Shorewood Village Board.

Its likely that no one else will run. But even though I favor both Mike and Dawn, it would be nice if we had at least 2 others running, so that they'd have some democratic opposition that would give the voters a better idea of the issues.

It is my hope that we get more discussion on issues and less self-promotion and a spread of yard signs. I'd like us to be the first community to voluntarily do away with yard signs. They don't help with the issues

The way we set up our forums doesn't really make it possible to fully discuss topics and know how our candidates really stand on the real issues. We should have more forums and fuller discussions, especially as these are at-large elections.

Are there any ideas on how to do this? Please comment.

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