“Of the people.”


It is becoming obvious that elected officials are aware of bloggers' postings but prefer to ignore their content by pretending that these exclamations, these messages from those that they purport to represent, do not exist.

This pattern of behavier might be considered to be a form of institutionalized arrogance.

Seasoned elected officials especially, believe that actual participation with citizens in any form of discussion is to be avoided as it may require a response.

The pattern is easily observable. Candidates consciously avoid real discussion of issues during the election process and especially after attaining office.  Anything resembling debate might indicate, one, that a citizen might be as knowledgeable and as wise as the official and two, a more dangerous assumption, that the citizen shows more wisdom than the one in authority.

Until individual officials begin changing this pattern, citizens who do read blogs and acknowledge that they do read them, must assume that so-called “representatives” do not care to represent their constituents.

Citizens should consider the real significance of this situation. Elected officials should recite over and over the phrase “of the people” or eventually suffer a loss of that authority “by the people.” It is possible that an increasing number of voters will refuse to go to the polls and diminish the authority and significance of those elected, the citizens assuming that officials are not “for the people”.

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