Government “by the people.”



A nephew and family will be taking up residence in Shorewood and will be voting for their representatives on the Village and School Boards. How will they know who will actually be representating them as to their concerns in the community.

Who are the constituents of officials voted in by the public at large? How can a elected body represent everybody and everyone's concerns? I wonder if elected officials ever think about that? Is what they believe that is in the interest for the community what guides them? What about government, “of the people, for the people and by the people?” What is that all about? I never get a response regarding any of my concerns.

I raised the issue of establishing districts in a comment section to Steve Koczela, October 24, 2007, “Election Season Approaches”. His comment was to me and I guess to others, “Do you believe a ward based system of representation would work better in Shorewood.” I said that I thought it would. But giving it more thought today, it is really difficult to say, although the voter from the district or ward could always turn to his ward representative if that would help any.

I honestly believe that individuals have no representation in democratic government. We might have signed petitions on issues and officials can take polls into consideration, but it certainly won't be government “by the people,” it will be government by those in authority.

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