Holding the ball.

Government, war and authority


Wherever there's a condition for group survival, in clans,  in small villages and now in nations, government inevitably emerges.

It is the substance of group living and part of the madness of humanity that war then becomes part of that insanity. Nations grow out of war and war then becomes the child of government or of nation. The nature of politics is to produce its own form of political warriors and to function as part of that constant internal struggle.

We can somewhat tame government and the politics that form in it but external war accelerates to the extreme madness that forms its own insane logic.

Man is destined to live in groups and therefore both internal war and external conflict shall always remain an innate part of human culture.

The greatest and oldest cities of the world that we admire so much are products of constant war, both from within and from without. No community is spared. Even our own community of Shorewood struggles at political war on a day to day basis.

We have developed a strange set of warriors who engage in this internal struggle. In a sense, it often becomes a competition of whose got the ball.  And the ball is the symbol of authority. The ultimate reward of war, internal or external, is authority, whose got the ball.

Human beings are created with an internal desire for power. Those with the greatest desire for authority and power unfortunately become the greatest cause for war, in community, clan, village, city and state.

The general task and our task in Shorewood becomes one of taming that desire for authority and to covert its energy toward improvement of community life and not merely toward holding the ball.

The main opposition to war is the family, its extension and the community it creates.

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