Shorewood and its fantastic people is my community.


Shorewood is made up many grand people. I've always felt that way about this community and I'm very grateful to those involved in service to it.

I grew up in Omaha Nebraska, spent three years in Europe during the war. My wife and I also lived in New York and then we studied and lived in London, England where we both held professional jobs for for about six year. We often traveled to Europe after we returned to America.

Ebbie, my wife was born and grew up in Sweden.  We moved from London to Shorewood and have lived here almost 35 years. The point is that we identify with Shorewood more than with any place we've lived.  We built our house here and we have lived here longer than in any other place.

I've been a city planner in various places most of my adult life, including in London and helped plan communities in the Milwaukee region. I can't help but have ideas about Shorewood's future.

Those who know me know that I have strong ideas. But my main interest is that of a citizen who feels that this is his community.

Therefore, I want to make every contribution that I can, using the knowledge that I have. Obviously, I'm not just going to sit around in silence. I'm an urban designer/planner living in Shorewood.

I mean to make whatever contribution that I can in Shorewood's proper development and I'm dedicated to that. So for those who wonder about why I remain so involved, it is within this context, in the best interests that I have for Shorewood, that I devote my thoughts and my suggestions on a daily basis

Those who know me, of course, also know that I write, design and have many other interests. Shorewood occupies a large part of my mind but only a part of my mind.

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