An excellent example of how to do Community Policing in Shorewood

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A little more than a month ago, I was at Municipal Court, courtesy of the the favorite taxing device in Shorewood, known as Parking Tickets. 


After I had seen the judge  ---- however ---

Just as there is often a rainbow after an unwanted storm, I was pleasantly surprised by two very thoughtful and helpful SPD officers.


I was about the last one in court, and  was just leaving when the two officers asked  me over.  One of them was the desk officer on duty for court and the other was the Juvi officer involved in cases.

They had heard the discussion I had with the judge about the tickets (they were dismissed) and they had some suggestions and were very helpful.

Following up,  I found out that the desk officer was Karl Simandl, who had recently spent a year in Iraq.  The Juvi officer was Chrissy Preston.


There was no reason for them to talk to me, other than they were concerned about whether regulations and procedures  were being followed --- and wanted to be helpful.

It is actions like those of these officers that enhance the image of all police officers, and make SPD look good.


 As one veteran officer said to me " as we transition to a younger but more thoughtful group, I hope their attitude will be catching"


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