Has Wasserman built up Campaign Slush Fund from Taxpayer Dollars ?

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Sheldon Wasserman Is Wasting Your Tax Dollars to Fund His Negative Campaign for State Senate

July 14, 2008  


On Friday, Wasserman Watch got hold of records from the Elections Division of the Wisconsin Government Accountablity Board that Sheldon Wasserman is using your tax dollars to fund a significant portion of his war chest for the State Senate Campaign against Alberta Darling.

Records from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board show that Wasserman applied for the Wisconsin Election Campaign Fund (WECF) grant every two years since 1994, receiving a total of $21,459.20 from taxpayers.


The WECF is taxpayer money handed to candidates who agree to certain finance limits.  But, records show that Representative Wasserman was holding onto that money as a minature slush fund to help pad his current campaign finance account for the Wisconsin State Senate Campaign.


 Campaign finance records show that prior to the fall 2004 election, Wasserman had $138,416.68 in his campaign finance account when he applied for tax dollars to pad his campaign.  He received a check in the amount of $2,726.20.  During the campaign candidates usually spend down their warchests, but Wasserman actually grewhis warchest, showing $169,821.38 cash on hand after the election!  This seems to be a trend that some candidates are following when they have an assembly seat and go unopposed or win by wide margins, then when they do not spend the money a candidate would use it for a large scale race like State Senate after a candidate would serve 10 or 12 years in the Assembly.


 Here is the list of WECF Amounts that Rep. Wasserman Recieved from 1994 to Today



 1996 -$3,888

 1998 -$3,734

2000 - $4,588

2004  $2,726.20

In 2002 and 2006 Wasserman applied for the taxpayer handout, but he ran unopposed and did not qualify for public funds 

Total: $21,459.20

Representative Wasserman since 1994 has used close to $22,000 of your hard earned tax dollars to fund a significant part of his war chest.  It is important to know that the $1 you check off on your tax forms to go to the State Elections Campaign Fund can be abused by career politicans in just the pure purpose of doing anything to stay elected.


Below Are Wasserman's Campaign Finance Reports from 2002 to Present.  Make sure your pop up blocker is turned off to view these reports.
























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