Shorewood 4th of July Parade --- Best in Years !!

Fourth of July Parade

 Kudos to Fourth of July coordinator Jan Zehren for a Great Fourth of July Parade.  It was without a doubt the best that Shorewood has put on in the 15 years that I have seen.

 The 3:30 timeframe seems to work particularly well in attracting a large number of participants.

 From my vantage point, I saw Tom Rebholz, who was controlling the flow of the parade starting at Oakland and Lake Bluff. 

With the adroitness of a symphony conductor, Tom kept the parade rhythm steady and on beat.  Seeing Tom move with effortless speed around the intersection keeping control and order of the participants --- you would have sworn he was on roller blades !! 

It was refreshing to see that the parade allowed candidates for public office to participate --- in the past, only incumbents could be a part of the parade.  Allowing unelected candidates to campaign, is truly in the Spirit of July Fourth and a healthy component of our democratic form of government. 

Congratulations to all the oraganizers and participants for a Truly Great Parade ...



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