Shorewood Needlessly Hurts Local Village Businesses AGAIN

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 Frequent readers of my blog --- both of you :-) --- may recall that last fall when the Village was starting the Streetscape project, they had NO PARKING signs all along Oakland Avenue --- for days at a time when NO WORK was being done.


This week --- AGAIN --- on the 4400 block of North Oakland, which is heavily concentrated with small businesses that rely on walk in traffic --- the street has been marked NO PARKING all week although there has been NO WORK done.


Obviously, when they are working in the area, the construction crews need to have the street cleared of parked cars.  


But when they are not working in a retail area --- even if it is for one day only !!!! --- why can't they take the signs down or cover them.


Again --- let me ask of the  Village Government --- the Village Board Members --- the Administration ........... do ANY OF YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT THE SMALL BUSINESSES IN SHOREWOOD ????



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