I like almost any kind of music --- especially if it is live.  And nothing is better than Good Live Jazz.


Although not in Shorewood, just minutes away at 401 S 2nd Street is Caroline's (corner of 2nd and Florida) --- which regularly features some of the best live  jazz anywhere.


I have been an infrequent but regular patron of Caroline's for quite a few years, and the Paul Spencer (Jazz with Soul) group on Saturday nights will put you on a high that is good through the following week.


Last Saturday my wife and I  went to Caroline's and as usual, were not disappointed. 


The set starts at 10:00 PM  (hopefully for those of you who are married, you have not lost an appreciation for the finer things in life that are only available after the bed time for the kiddies) --- and typically lasts a good two hours of solid emotion eliciting music.


As expected, Paul Spencer (drums) is always there --- you can tell a serious drummer, when they have at least 8 cymbals on their set, and knows exactly which one to play when !  Until you experience one of Paul's drum solos, which have been known to go as long as 5 minutes --- you may not realize just how much music can come from two sticks in the hands of a true Pro.


Depending upon the night, joining Paul are the usual suspects --- who may change a little depending upon individual circumstances and who may be stopping by to  sit in --- but hey --- these guys (and gals) play and sing JAZZ --- they can tune in during the middle of a piece and not miss a beat !


Rocking the house last Saturday night:


Sam Kidd -- Bass --- strong steady bass, great solos, amazing what he can do with those strings ...


Dean Lea -- Keyboard --- well known to many public radio listeners as the Piano player from the Hotel Milwaukee Show, he also has his own trio


Andy Spadafora -- Sax -- this was the first time I heard Andy firing up his sax --- and I guarantee it won't be the last if I can help it


Jeff Pietrangelo -- Trumpet --- Jeff plays a powerful horn hitting notes that a lot of players can only dream of --- also a good showman and can throw in a little scat to liven it up


Lamont Richardson -- Vocals -- Lamont can belt out a mixture of jazz standards, gospel and RB with great range and interpretation

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