Shorewood Trustees Ignore Law to Clear Sidewalks

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It has been very obvious that Shorewood has not been enforcing its ordinance regarding the clearing of walkways of snow and ice.  Despite all of our tax money spent on advertising Shorewood as a Walkable Community --- the Village Administration has truly fallen down on the job of actually making Shorewood Walkable.

Two of the Shorewood Trustees who have touted Shorewood as a "Walkable" Community, and who have voted to spend our tax dollars advertising Shorewood as Walkable, have not cleared their own sidewalks in front of their houses.

Taken yesterday (Sunday) at about 5:00 Pm are pictures of Trustees Hickey and Phinney's ice covered sidewalks.

These 3 pictures are of the sidewalk in front of Trustee Hickey's house.

The following pictures are of Trustee Phinney's sidewalks


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