Seeing The Light on Oakland Avenue --- More Than Enough

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As I was driving on North Oakland the other night, I suddenly realized that even though the Village has torn out half of the streetlights --- there was more than enough light for driving and pedestrian purposes.

Even though the lights on the west side of the street are gone - the ones on the east side do more than an adequate job. The question I have therefore is  -- why do we need so many lights ?

In an earlier posting to Shorelines, I had questioned whether "light pollution" had been considered in the Streetscaping plans --- and I would guess probably not !

Another question that I have about the  proposed lights is whether  new technology was considered ?  Why are we going with the same old electrically hard wired lights --- is there a solar alternative ?

Doing a little research on the internet, I came across a plethora of manufacturers, distributors and information on solar powered street lights.  I have copied one of the pages below as an example of the information that is out there.

Is it too late to reconsider the streetlights ?  Since we have only starting tearing things up, and it appears that no work will be done before Spring 08 at the earliest --- why not do a study on solar lighting.

Just think - no electric bills to keep them running.  No burning of fossil fuels.  No trenching or wiring needed.  In a Power Outage --- the street lights will still be on !

Wouldn't Shorewood be proud to light the way for other villages, towns and cities in the Progressive use of Solar Power for Streetlights  ---  or do we just talk a good talk ?

What are your thoughts on whether we have enough light or need more, and whether solar should be in the equation.






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