The Spring Break Showcase

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Spring break.

What comes to mind?  Tanned guys in search of bikini clad girls on sun drenched Mexican beaches?  A trip to the museums of Europe?  Sailing the ocean blue on a cruise ship?

Spring break.

I really don’t remember spring break being such a big deal.  Maybe it was a huge event and I am just having a senior moment and don’t remember it.  Truly, I don’t remember much about my spring breaks.  NO!!  It’s not due to excessive alcohol consumption during breaks. 

What I do remember about my spring breaks is that as a kid, spring breaks for me were about sleeping late and just watching TV.  There weren’t hundreds of channels to choose from but you could always count on The Newlywed Game, The Electric Company or Love American Style for entertainment.

However, watching The Price is Right with my brother was the highlight of any day off.  What a sad life we had!!!

We would play along, a friendly brother-sister rivalry, guessing the price of the Sunbeam toaster or can of B&M baked beans to see if we came close enough to keep the Cliffhanger still on the mountain.  But when it came to the Showcases, the boxing gloves came off!!  Each day we would take turns being the contestant who decides to bid or pass the Showcase.  The loser had to set the table for dinner that night.  I cannot begin to tell you how many tables my brother set because I won the washer and dryer, the dining room set or the Ford Pinto with automatic transmission and a FM radio.

As for Monkey’s spring break, she’d rather watch SpongeBob instead of Bob Barker, oh wait, I mean Drew Carey, telling us to make sure that our dog is spayed or neutered (for the record, ours is spayed).  For Monkey, this one week vacation away from school will be about the Hannah Montana Movie, shopping for spring clothes, and time at the park to run off energy, despite the damp, cold, un-spring like weather.

Silverback Gorilla and I are dreading the day when our tall, skinny, bikini clad Monkey asks for money to go to a sun drenched Mexican beach for spring break.  If she bids correctly in the Showcase, maybe she’ll win a trip.  If she overbids, well, then she just might be spending her future spring breaks watching television and setting the table for dinner.

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