March Madness? You Bet!

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It’s that time of year again.  It’s a time when televisions pop up in offices throughout the country.  Computers allow us to both work and listen to the games.   The cheering drowns out the sounds of phones ringing.   Brackets are posted on lunchroom walls.   Illegal gambling takes over offices but nobody cares.

I love March Madness.

What’s the madness?  Is it the excitement of the tournament?  Your favorite team making the three point shot as the game clock runs downs to win the game.  Is it the excitement of taking out your old ratty college sweatshirt in support of your alma mater?  Or is it the madness that takes place when your brackets are busted because some Cinderella team, like Podunk A&M takes out a top seed in the first round?

The bracket selection process is crucial to winning the office pool.  Everyone has his or her own approach.  Do you study each team in depth before making your picks or do you shoot from hip and hope you’ve made some slam dunk choices?  

In years past I have always been the studious picker, studying stats, reading expert predictions and the like.  Some years this has worked and other years (like last year), well, I haven’t been so lucky.  This year I’m taking a different approach.  This year, it’s the shoot from the hip bracket selections.  I’ve just picked my choices based on who I thought could win, no logic was used in making my choices.  Okay, no logic was used other than hoping that East Tennessee State doesn’t upset Pitt.  Listen for my screams of agony if this happens! That’s it!  This year I’m testing the theory of women’s intuition in bracket picking.  Sorry guys, this isn’t an option for you.

Maybe next year I will opt for another selection method.  How about the mascot method?  Whichever school as the better mascot or team nickname moves to the next round.  My alma mater, Wisconsin, is the Badgers (GO BADGERS).  What a great nickname, Bucky Badger, a feisty and tough mammal.  Nobody wants to mess with a Badger, especially one that wears a red and white sweater. 

Silverback Gorilla went to Temple University.  Temple’s mascot, the owl.   Frankly, I don’t find the Owl very intimidating.  Who does the Owl scare?  Maybe the Podunk A&M Field Mouse?   I’d pit a Badger against an Owl any day.  While the Badger is fighting, all the Owl would be doing is saying, “give a hoot, don’t pollute”.

Well, with the first tip off hours away, I wish you luck and hope that your picks make it to the Final Four.      

Although I love Wisconsin, I picked UNC to go all the way.  I just hope the Tar Heels don’t lose to Podunk A&M.

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