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I admit that I made a mistake.  In last week’s blog posting I jumped the gun by writing about grocery store checkout and bagging procedures.  Scanning and bagging is actually the second part of the checkout lane experience.  I should have started with what comes just prior to the scanning and bagging experience; the line of people standing in the checkout lane – the express lane.  

Can you count?  My guess is that if you have completed first grade, you can count to ten.    Ten means ten items, not eleven, not fifteen, and NOT thirty.   If you need to, use your fingers to count to ten, but know that ten means ten.  

Did you see the sign that reads, “express lane”?  Yes, I am talking to you, Mr. and Mrs. Express Lane Violators.  

As I stated last week, my “white bag” store has converted the express lanes to those beep’in scanners.  My favorite “red bag” store, they still have an express lane.   The “red bag” store’s friendly checkout people are too nice.  They apparently don’t want to offend Mr. and Mrs. Express Lane Violators, by asking them to go to another line; but they should.  Ten items or less = express lane, otherwise get out!

People, we must take responsibility for our actions.  Count, read the sign, and if you exceed the maximum number of items, take you cart elsewhere.  Stay out of the express lane!  Don’t put twenty items on the conveyor belt and then apologize to the person behind you that you didn’t realize that you are in the express lane.  What the heck!  

When you got in that line, you knew that you were violating the rules.  You did this intentionally and should be punished accordingly.   You, Mr. and Mrs. Express Lane Violators should spend the next ten years shopping only at the “white bag” store.  You will lose beautiful produce, great meats, and all the specialty brands.  Most of all you will be scanning and bagging your own groceries.  

Go!  Go now!  Leave the “red bag” store where you failed to play by the rules.  Go scan your own items and put them into those flimsy white bags.  You don’t deserve the red bags.

And by the way, if I am behind you in the express lane and you have a dozen eggs; that’s twelve items!

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