A Magically Delicious Holiday

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Who was your first Valentine?  Maybe a boy in your sixth grade math class?  Or was it a girl in high school that you ogled over every time you saw her in the library?  We all remember our first Valentine; that wonderful person who made February 14th a special day.

February 14th started off like any other morning. I woke up in a room with bright lemon yellow walls and lime green shag carpeting.  Blurry-eyed, I staggered out of my bedroom.  Albeit you would think the shock of waking up in a bedroom taken from highlighter colors would be enough to wake anyone up, but it wasn’t enough for me; I’m not a morning person.

After a “pit-stop” to the room that we all first visit in the morning (oh come on, you know what I mean), I would go down the hall to the kitchen where my Valentine’s Day would begin.  There he was waiting for me, my first Valentine.  I didn’t get candy or flowers but I got something better, a big hug and kiss.  

He had breakfast waiting for me, a big bowl of magically delicious Lucky Charms, complete with the pinkish-red hearts, perfect for Valentine’s Day.  And who says that guys are not thoughtful??  

Next to my cereal bowl were cards from my Mom and brother (Mom made him give me one).  Off to the side there was another card, a card with a crown embossed on the envelope.  My Valentine cared enough to send the very best.  This was a cute card, pictures of teddy bears, duckies, or giraffes.  There was a sense of excitement about opening this card, why I don’t know.  Year after year, it was a card with a page to tear off and color.  Year after year, I’d open up that envelope . . . please let it be . . . please let it be . . . a page of stickers to plaster over my school notebooks, or a card with paper dolls to punch out and play with.  Oh well, another coloring page.  It really didn’t matter what the card looked like, it was the thought that counted.  A Valentine from my Daddy.  

In case you are living under a rock, or haven’t been to a store lately, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day.  That special day when Hallmark reminds us to think about those whom we love.  Family, friends, or even the dog, it’s a day to remember those who we hold close to our heart.

This Saturday morning, Monkey will leap out of bed, okay, more like stagger since she’s not a morning person either.  After making her “pit-stop”, she’ll wander into the kitchen.  Waiting for her will be her first Valentine, Silverback Gorilla, ready to give her a big hug and kiss.  

As I munch on my gift of chocolates, or stare at sparkly jewelry (hint to Silverback Gorilla), Monkey will sit at the table where a cereal bowl will be on her placemat.  Next to her bowl, a card with a crown embossed onto the flap of the envelope.  What kind of card will she open from Silverback Gorilla?  Will there be a teddy bear on it?  A giraffe?  Maybe a monkey?  Will it have a page to tear off and color or will she get stickers for her notebook?  Valentine’s Day will bring the answer.

Now I just need to remember to go to the grocery store and buy a box of magically delicious Lucky Charms.      

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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