The Big Game

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How will you celebrate this Sunday?  Yes, I did say, “celebrate”.  Throughout the years, Super Bowl Sunday has become akin to a national holiday.  Arguably it is even bigger than some holidays.  Let’s face it; do you know anyone who throws a big party for Flag Day? 

If baseball is America’s pastime, why is one day of football so important to so many people?  Do we really care about the game?  After all, the Packers aren’t playing nor are the Jets for those diehard Favre fans.  What we DO care about are the commercials, the halftime show, and the party.

With advertisers paying a premium to show their ads, this is a day when we see the best of the best.  We don’t bypass the commercials on the DVR.  Instead, we actually record them to watch again and again; to critique and analyze which ones were the most endearing and which were the funniest.  Who can forget the Clydesdales playing football or Mean Joe Green tossing his jersey to a young boy?  

This year’s half-time show won’t bring us a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.  We’ll gather for twelve minutes around the television wishing we were at this Springsteen concert.  We’ll sing along to our favorite tunes and remember those Glory Days when the green and gold were in the big game.  

Whether or not you are a football fan, family and friends will gather to eat, drink, and have fun.  We will gorge ourselves on the likes of chili, chips, and pizza, only to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if there is antacid in the medicine cabinet.  

My conclusion, Super Bowl Sunday is really a holiday.  It’s a day of celebration, food, family, and friends.  This is how we celebrate on the Fourth of July and the first Sunday in February.  

Remind me next year to send you a Hallmark card.  They have them for every other holiday, why not Super Bowl Sunday.

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