Happy Birthday

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What do actor David Schwimmer, Muppet Cookie Monster, Bayshore Town Center, and I all have in common?  Today, we each celebrate a birthday.

I imagine David Schwimmer celebrating with Friends at a big party that we can read about in People.  Cookie Monster, who by the way is my favorite of the Muppet monsters, will spend the day devouring bags of Chips Ahoy cookies.  Bayshore will celebrate its second year since the remodeling by opening up its arms (or should I say doors) to shoppers, inviting them to come and spend money in the fine array of stores that Bayhore has to offer.  As for me, I will be celebrating by taking Monkey to a movie.

Yes, age can cause insanity and at 44, I must be insane.  I am spending my birthday going to see High School Musical 3.  I didn’t take Monkey to see this movie when it opened last week.  Okay, I am a bad parent.   Someone please call the Department of Social Services, my child was neglected.  She had to wait a week to see Sharpay and friends graduate from East High.

Wait a minute . . . high school graduation is in June.  Shouldn’t this movie first be released seven months from now?  I smell a pre-graduation DVD release.  A June release would mean that I wouldn’t be spending my birthday watching Troy breakout into song on the basketball court.

I admit that I would rather be sharing a case of Chips Ahoy with Cookie Monster than going to see High School Musical 3 later today.  But it’s about Monkey, spending quality Mommy-Monkey time together.  It’s about watching her delight in seeing Troy and Gabriella on the big screen.  It’s about sharing a bucket of popcorn with Monkey.

Two hours later, I’ll need some retail therapy to ease the pain of sitting through this movie.  Maybe we’ll head over to the welcoming doors of Bayshore where I can buy something new to wear tonight.

My birthday will end as Silverback Gorilla and I celebrate with friends at dinner tonight followed by some adult entertainment.  NO!!!!! Not that kind of entertainment.  We are visiting the one-armed bandits at Potawatomi.  It’s my birthday.  I should win a jackpot, shouldn’t I?

What will I do next year on my birthday?  Maybe devour a bag of Chips Ahoy, maybe have a party with friends or maybe go shopping.  I’ll spend time with Monkey but I won’t be going to see High School Musical 4.

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