A Palette of Color

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While driving to Minneapolis this past week-end, I was able to admire the beauty of autumn, the changing of the leaves.  Green, yellow, gold, orange, rust, red, and brown leaves made for a beautiful landscape on the long drive up.  Closer to home, the leaves in our area have also begun to change. This will give us many weeks of nature’s beauty to admire.

There is one big problem with the changing of the leaves’ colors, THEY FALL!  This is Mother Nature’s cruel joke.  Obviously, someone didn’t heed the warning that she gave us years ago, “don’t fool Mother Nature.”  If this person was you, and YOU caused her to be upset, I have a bone to pick with you.

If Mother Nature liked us she would pick two days a year when all the leaves would drop.  This would of course be all trees except the stubborn tree in my front yard that seems to never drop its leaves. Let’s just say that we were told on October 16th and 17th that all leaves would drop, we could then mark our calendars that on the 18th we could begin the annual raking process.  We would then have a couple of days to rake or blow the leaves into a pile on the side of the road before a big truck with a super suction vacuum (one that would even make my Dyson say “wow”) comes by to suck them up.  No, instead Mother Nature makes us admire weeks of falling leaves and leaf covered lawns.  We repeatedly need to rake.  This is @#$%^&*(!!!!

Mother Nature’s cruel joke continues as we repeatedly rake or blow the leaves.  Glendale doesn’t pick up bagged leaves so there will be no big plastic pumpkin sitting on my front lawn.  No, we need to put them on the side of the road where they sit until that super vacuum comes.  We hope that by the time we get around to raking the leaves, that we have not missed the last collection date.  Otherwise, there they sit all winter in a snow covered pile until the snow plow scatters them.

Here’s where Mother Nature with her sick sense of humor again decides to have fun with us.  We put the leaves on the side of the road and whoosh, a wind gust comes and blows them right back onto our lawn.  Time to rake again.  If we are lucky, the leaves blow onto our neighbor’s lawn and they become their problem.  HAHA!  Oh wait, that means that their leaves have blown onto our lawn. @#$%!!

So here we are playing a cat and mouse game with Mother Nature; leaves versus winds versus leaf collection pickup dates.  Who wins?  It’s usually a draw.  The City of Glendale gets some of the leaves, except the ones from that tree in the front yard that don’t drop until after the last collection date.

Oh well, as we admire the change in colors during autumn, we know that next year we will once again fall for Mother Nature’s bad joke.

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