Home Is Where The Heart Is


Admit it.  I know what you are thinking, another blog.  Another person giving us her political opinions.  Another person ranting about something she dislikes.  Another person telling us how to think.  Well, I cannot promise you that this won’t ever happen, but I can tell you that this blog will be different from others that you may have read.   

Lakeside Reflections will take the present and relate it to the past, taking you on a journey down memory lane.  We’ll explore the future and what lays ahead for our community and us.  We will look at people, places, and events taking place in our community.  While municipal borders may separate us, we are all one, a North Shore community.  Our North Shore community is a small segment of a much larger community, the metropolitan Milwaukee area; a community that we all call “home”.

Growing up, I repeatedly said that after college and law school, I would not return to Milwaukee.  At heart, I am a big city girl.  I wanted the big city hustle and bustle lifestyle, but in 1990 something brought me back “home”.  I don’t know the answer as to why I came back, but maybe it was a realization that our community would re-vitalize itself and this would be the “home” that I was looking for.

Our city is a mix of new and old.  Wonderful restaurants, theatres, and shops housed in old historic buildings.  World-class museums housed in modern architectural structures dot the lakefront.  A new North Shore neighborhood was created with the transformation of Bayshore into a bustling town center.  

Our North Shore community along with the big city of Milwaukee does provide the hustle and bustle lifestyle but at a calmer pace.  A pace perfect to raise a family, a pace that allows us to enjoy all that a bigger city has to offer, but yet lets us feel as though we are a part of a community.  A community that we all call “home”; and home is where the heart is.   

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