Of Fireworks and Life

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Fireworks.  We all know what that means!  It is entertainment in the sky!  Flashes of color bursting in every direction!  Each one is different!  Each one is worthy of lingering oohs and aahs. 


These bursts of delight have come a long way since I was a child.  We were more than pleased with one at a time with a pause between each one.  They soared into the sky and exploded with sound and color.   We had time to say, "The next one is for Rhonda, and the one after that will be for Dawn . . . ."  Certainly at that time we had time to say, “Ooh, aah!”  Nowadays we see fireworks that burst constantly above us one on top of another and another, and many sets are choreographed to music!  Such amazing progress!  Recently I witnessed fireworks that were choreographed to a live orchestra!  Imagine that! 


I could not have foreseen the progress fireworks have made, but this gives me pause to reflect on them—after the fact; while I watch fireworks there is no time to think, no time to say, “Ooh, aah.”  It is a rapid fire event that leaves one exhausted and overwhelmed right through the finale.  Those fireworks professionals pack a lot more punch into their sets than ever before.


Do we have time to think about anything during a flashing set of fireworks?  How about after; do we take a few moments to just THINK about what we experienced and witnessed?  The beauty! The bravado!  The colors and shapes!  The sheer number of rockets!  If there time to think of times gone by when we saw fireworks as a lass or lad?  Do we associate fireworks with good times and family and friends, of parties and patriotism?  What does it all mean?


This year, my fireworks experiences reminded me of life in general.  Life goes by quickly, and the singular experiences are never repeated.  If we close our eyes or even blink, we miss something.  If we are distracted by something, we lose focus on what is in front of us.  Sometimes we don’t want to miss anything so we keep our focus regardless of what is going on around us; however, this may mean we miss something important that is happening on the side lines.  Living life is amazing!  It is like fireworks sometimes, as we rush here and there trying to accomplish a great many things in a short period of time.  Some events are once in a life time or once in a while, while some events are routine enough and we keep going at it. 


While life is happening to us and around us, do we take the time to appreciate what is happening?  Like fireworks, do we take time to breathe in the experiences and savor life so that we remember, so that we learn from life?  Do we take time to teach others about what we have learned?  Life, like fireworks, can be over before we know it.   So how about taking the proverbial 5 or 10 minutes a day to be with your thoughts, to absorb the loveliness that your life is, the gifts that God has given to you while on this beautiful earth.  I can even ask, What kind of fireworks rocket do you want to be?  Small and dainty, or larger than life?  Loud but will little to show for it or expressive with twirling and twinkling till the end?   If your life was a fireworks rocket, what kind would it be?

 ~ Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. ~ Lillian Dickson Good day to you all! 

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