Sacred Space

Joseph Campbell once said: “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

Today getting through our days can be hectic and full of distractions.  Some believe they must be busy going here and there to prove their importance.  Some may have demanding careers that zap all their energy.  Some may consider spending time alone to be a foreign concept.  We know going from morning to night (or whatever your schedule) is exhausting not only physically but spiritually as well.  If we never take the time to refresh ourselves, to rejuvenate, then our energy just drains out and we run on empty.  Eventually, like our cars when we fail to refuel, we run on empty and sometimes come to a full stop, not able to move another inch.  We need to replenish our energy from somewhere.

How do we rejuvenate?  Ah, some would say sleeping.   Yes, I like to sleep and can certainly be refreshed with a good 9 hours.  Our bodies and brains need sleep to keep going.  What about spiritually?  How can we spiritually re-energize?  I’d like to suggest finding a sacred place or creating this space in our homes.  We can also do it in our minds.  In other words, we can find sacred space externally and internally. 

External sacred space can be found in churches, chapels, meditation room, and in our homes.  It is anywhere we can be ourselves, explore ourselves, find ourselves, and become reacquainted with who we are and where we are going.  Internally this could be simply closing our eyes in a quiet place and simply resting, blocking out external noise and listening to our own breathing, letting the Divine Spirit guide us within/without. 

Cultivating internal sacred space means that we can move into that space anytime during the day.  If our days are stressful, we can move into that space often.  Sometimes it takes just 5 minutes or so at a time. 

Give it a try!  Sit comfortable with arms resting on your side.  Keep your back straight and face forward or slightly down.  Close your eyes.  Now rest.  Breathe deeply a few times to breathe out the stress and fill your lungs with air and your mind with freshness.  If you must, cover your ears with something that blocks out noise.  This is sanctuary!  During this time, think of nothing at all.  Give your brain a rest.  Like a horse that is racing, reign in your thoughts until they stop and you can breathe.  Pray and meditate on the Divine.  Let the Spirit fill you with peace.  Open your mind to God’s presence in your world, your day to day living.  Breathe deeply in and out.  Slowly.  Dare to be alone with God and be refreshed.

Finally, these words by St. Francis of Assisi to help remind us of why this sacred space is important to us:  “Where there is rest and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor restlessness.” 

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