WFB Cleanup: Thanks, Smokers.

Yesterday was the Green Day in the Bay Cleanup.   From 9-10am, it rained occasionally, then the downpour hit right at 10am, stranding many teams.

In the end, a few dozen teams and several hundred volunteers did a great job cleaning up our village, despite the rough weather.   Big thanks to the WFB Civic Foundation and their organizers.

Team Village Unspillage had about 15 folks, from a couple Trustees, to members of the WFB Mommies Group, to loyal readers. 

I want to give a big thank you to all the smokers in Whitefish Bay, without which, we would not have had much to clean up.  The amount of cigarette butts was UNBELIEVABLE.  Easily 80% of what I picked up were butts. 

For statistical amusement, I counted the number of cigarettes I picked up on one block alone -- SIXTY ONE -- which doesn't include what the two other volunteers picked up.   It's safe to guess there are (were) 100 cigarette butts on each and every block in WFB.   That's freaking disgusting.  

Seriously, can't you smokers keep your cigarettes inside your car?  You do realize those things don't just disappear, they sit on the ground pretty much forever.  You do get that, right?   Tossing them out the window isn't some magical disposal spot. 

UPDATE:  From Julie Erickson, the cleanup coordinator:

Despite the hurricane that blew through at 10:02......  We had, 48 groups and covered the entire Whitefish Bay map! (about 700 people)

  • Recycled about 500 books, 100 pairs of gym shoes, 50 pairs if crocs, about 1/2 a trailer of computer parts (estimates)
  • gave out 250 reusable Stone Creek Coffee mugs, 200 bottles of Simply Safe's rain all purpose cleaner, 150 no waste lunch boxes,
  • 750 reusable grocery bags, 750 reusable produce bags and about 50 Sierra's  kids guides to the outdoors.

We had volunteers from The WFB BID, First Weber Reality group, The WFB Civic Foundation, Village Officials/DPW and the community.  


All in all, despite the hurricane I referenced earlier, we thought it was a great turn out. :)


Thanks for all your help!!! 

Here's a picture of some crud we picked up, courtesy of Gordy Lang, who was also out cleaning with us:


Map of who cleaned what:


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