Team Village Unspillage needs you: GDIB


The 2nd Annual Green Day in the Bay is scheduled for next Saturday, April 25th.

The main civic event is a one hour "cleanup" of an assigned area of our Village, from 9-10am.

Here's my problem, and I'm guessing many of you have the same one.  GDIB asks for "teams" of people to help clean up. -- What if you don't have a team? 

I imagine there are others in WFB that want to help out, yet also are teamless.

So I am putting a call out for teammates for team Village Unspillage, for others who want to donate one hour of their time to this civic cleanup.   As a bonus (?) you can meet me, your humble blogger, and by then I'll be sworn in as a Trustee, so you can officially complain about potholes on your street tell me how great things are in the Bay.

Shoot me an email at to join Team Village Unspillage in the next couple days, and I'll find out where our team needs to be from 9-10am next Saturday.

So ..  instead of watching your usual allotment of Saturday morning cartoons, lend me and your fellow villagers an hour of your time next Saturday.

NOTE: There are other elements to this great event at Cahill Park, including a "green workout" and other environmental events, like a computer recycling drop-off.  Read the flyer below for more details:



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