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I was at the Bay United meeting for the first hour .. it started late, and I left at 8pm because it was Election Day, and the polls had closed, and I had other obligations.

I video taped a number of questions and answers from the panel. -- Unfortunately, it appears the real fireworks started after I left.  A few clips were shown on local TV news.

Please remember .. this is amateur video, so the quality isn't what you'll see at the Fox-Bay!  Also .. I did NOT record everything, and when I edited it, I bounced a few questions ahead or back in time. 

1. Drug Dog / Searches

2. Cooperating with police

3. Are you aware of parents/adults participating?

4.  What are the most common drugs being bought and sold?



1. Lieutenant Ron Stefanski talks about policing Cahill

2. What did the WFB Police learn from Maddie Kieffer's death?

3. Are you aware of other known drug houses?

4. Give us specifics on what we can do to report drug activity?



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