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Sorry, I can tell a ton of people are checking the blog to see my reaction to all the local races tonight.  It is late, I'll get something more substantive out tomorrow.

I do wish to thank the 1,500+ people who voted for me today.  I know it was an uncontested race, but you took the time to vote and check my name, and I appreciate it.  

I had no idea that starting a blog 20 months ago would lead me to this place, and I am thankful for you readers who take time out of your day to read my written thoughts.  I will endeavor to speak for you, and the Bay as a whole.

Kevin Buckley
Whitefish Bay Trustee-Elect



WFB Election Results :

Trustee (top 2):

Buckley 1,508
Foster 1,280

Trustee (1)
1. Miller 1,395
2. Finnigan 1,137

School Board (top 3):

1. Rogers 1,707
2. Steele 1,645
3. Martinelli 1,577

4. Taran 776
5. DeMuth 647 (dropped out of race)

Total Ballots cast in WFB 3,069

(All figures are unofficial.  I recorded them as they were verbally delivered at Village Hall.)

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