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Here's another long-form letter from a WFB School Board Candidate.


We have a great school district – let’s make it better!

My name is Joe Martinelli, and I am a candidate for the Whitefish Bay School Board. I live at 5319 N Lake Drive with my wife, Karen, and three adopted grandchildren. Jazmine is 8 years old and attends 2nd grade at Richards, Mike is 12 and is in 6th grade at the Middle School, and Tony is 14, a freshman at the High School.

I am running for a position on the School Board because:

  • I have a vested interest with three children in the system.
  • I believe we all have the responsibility to improve our communities, to 'give back.'
  • I would like to apply my educational and professional background, my skills and experience in business, to help the district in meeting the future challenges it will face, in any way I can.



My educational background includes 12 years of Catholic school in Pittsburgh, undergraduate study in Petroleum Engineering and graduate study with an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. At Carnegie Mellon, I earned the Executive Management Certificate.

I worked more than 40 years in the petroleum industry, both domestically and internationally. In 1996, I retired to the San Juan Islands, northwest of Seattle, and continued to consult for industry.

In 2004, we gained custody of our three grandchildren, who we adopted in 2006. With our new family, we once again appreciated the value of good education, and renewed our commitment to it. We came to Wisconsin to be close to our extended family, but chose Whitefish Bay to live because of the reputation of its schools. We researched schools throughout southeast Wisconsin, and found that Whitefish Bay Schools earned exceptional academic rankings.

Business Experience

I bring extensive business experiences and interests to Whitefish Bay.  In the petroleum industry, I gained experience in field operations in Venezuela, Canada and the US.  I was promoted to the executive level in engineering, design and construction, and technology development. At the end of my career, I served as President of Chevron Pipeline Company when it was the fifth largest pipeline company in the country. After I retired from Chevron in 1996, I started my own consulting company, which assisted a variety of businesses in developing continuous performance improvement programs. Throughout my career and well into retirement, I have held leadership positions in numerous industry associations, in both the petroleum and construction fields.

I was honored to be selected an Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award, a Federal Government program that has as its objective quality improvement in the management of business and medical organizations. I was part of a team of examiners that visited companies at their world-wide locations, and rated their performance relative to a set of quality standards. Recommendations were then made for specific, multi-faceted improvement programs.

Educational Experience and Interests

During my career, I have been involved with education on many levels. I organized, coordinated and presented executive management programs at the Northwestern University Transportation Center in Evanston. While living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I worked with the San Ramon Valley School District to develop their quality based, continuous improvement program, which identified many opportunities for change and improvement in the district. I have also served on the business advisory boards of numerous major universities and colleges.

In my life, I have lived in many parts of the US and Canada with my first family. Consequently, I have been involved with many schools in many different districts, and have had the opportunity to compare their successes and challenges. I have also managed organizations that constructed schools in California and Nigeria, which broadened my knowledge of school’s needs.


School Board Initiatives

I recommend that the Board should consider implementing the following initiatives:

  • A Scenario Planning Process that will assist in formulating alternative strategies to deal with the future uncertainties caused by the current economic crisis
  • An active Benchmarking Program that would compare Whitefish Bay Schools with other institutions and delineate areas of improvement, to insure that our schools have “world class” curricula and activities programs  
  • "Best in Practice" Processes for hiring, developing and compensating our people, because people are a school district’s most important asset
  • A Facilities Improvement Plan that implements the recommendations of the recent District Facilities Study, and develop a long-range construction plan

Our expectations of the Whitefish Bay schools have been exceeded – our children’s educational experiences and challenges will undoubtedly benefit and improve their lives. However, while Whitefish Bay has an exceptional school system, my knowledge of continuous improvement tells me it can be better. Please support my candidacy and help make Whitefish Bay
School District the best it can be.

VOTE on APRIL 7th!


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