WFB Meeting on Drugs in our Community

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Over the past two weeks, I've received over a dozen inquiries about what people can do to organize to fight the drug abuse problem in the Whitefish Bay School District.

Here's your answer.

A couple of WFB parents have set up an initial meeting of a group they'd like to call "Bay United" .. the first meeting is this week.

More information:

Wednesday, March 18th  7 P.M.
Whitefish Bay Middle School Cafeteria

"The first meeting is a discussion on how we, as a community, can fight back and demand changes to help prevent further drug incidents.   This first meeting is set up as a basic 'fact finding' for the community's concerns.  We will be meeting again on April 7th with the WFB Police Chief and detectives to address our concerns. 

We also are planning on having school officials present following the April 7th meeting to let everyone know what is in their realm of responsibility within the walls our schools."


  • Welcome
  • Why we are here?
  • What would we like to accomplish? In the community? In the schools? At the State level?
The public is welcome to attend.

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