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First off .. hello, and welcome.  Interest in this blog hit a new high today, smashing the old record.

There's an obvious reason:  People in the Bay are searching for answers.  They want to know how this could happen in their community, how drugs and addiction can exist in our seemingly peaceful neighborhoods.  They want to know how the hell  "known drug houses" exist in Whitefish Bay.  They want to assign blame .. bad schools .. bad parents .. bad kids .. bad police.

I have no answers.

First .. some updates.  I googled this story, and WISN had more details than most.  I haven't been able to watch the local news this week, so am relying on what's online.  Shocking stuff.

"Kiefer snuck out of her home Saturday night, met with a 14-year-old friend and went to the nearby home of a 22-year-old alleged drug dealer.  Maddie's friend told police that the girl bought $60 worth of marijuana and an orange pill."

A 15 and a 14 year old, out looking for drugs in Whitefish Bay?   I just don't know what to say here.  $60 is not piggy bank money, and it begs many questions.

"(When Kiefer was unresponsive) ..the accused dealer and his father drove up (to Maddie's friend's house), dumped Kiefer in the driveway and drove off."

That sentence is unbelievable.  It's one thing to be quietly selling drugs, but dumping dead bodies on Whitefish Bay driveways is something out of Pulp Fiction.   This is truly monstrous.

"Neighbors said they've repeatedly complained to the police about possible drug deals going down at the home."

This really irritates me.   Apparently, there are known drug houses in Whitefish Bay, a piece of information many do not know.  I think the Whitefish Bay Police Department needs to issue some statements about the numbers of suspected houses, what police efforts have been to date, and what future plans are being pursued to drive this business out of WFB.   I am completely under the assumption that we have a highly professional police force, doing everything they can to shut down drug sales in Whitefish Bay -- but .. I think we all need details sooner rather than later.


Finally .. there's been a common theme from the many emails I've received today about this story.  It's a theme that somehow the Kiefer family didn't do the right things to prevent this tragedy.

I've read the email the family sent to friends and family.  It details their long and painful journey, and the many methods and tools they used to manage their child's addiction.  Clearly, in the end, they failed -- we all failed -- in preventing Maddie's death.

But I've learned something over the past few years.   Someone in my extended family went through something similar, with substance addiction with their child.   Even with the most dedicated, loving parents, who use every tool available, go to doctors, therapists, treatment clinics, leaving no stone unturned, they can still lose their child for months, years, or forever.   Sometimes, no amount of support is enough, beyond incarceration, and even that is just a temporary solution, as the demons are tremendously difficult to expel. 

So while you read these terrible accounts of Maddie Kiefer's addiction and her final days, before second guessing .. keep one thing in mind, something I wrote yesterday:

She was loved; her family was aware of her substance issues and they lost countless hours of their lives fighting this disease. 

Honestly, perhaps we failed as a community, more than Kiefer's family.  Village parents failed in teaching the lesson that drug use is unacceptable, as there are far too many users (and dealers) in our schools.  Our children failed in accepting drug use by their friends, in their schools, without alerting authorities.  Our police failed in shutting down a drug house.   All of these failures conspired to make the odds long.


NOTE: I will be writing about this story throughout the week, including an article from the mother of one drug addicted child.  Please check back, or consider signing up to have this blog emailed to you when published.  (Click here to sign up.)


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