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Just a few tid-bits:

  • A loyal reader asked me to plug the Annual Boy Scout Fish Fry .. March 13th, Troop 400 is hosting their fry at the United Methodist Church on Lake and Silver Spring. Meal Tickets can be pre-ordered by emailing Click here to read more. 

  • Trustee Tom Fehring has a website/blog that he updates occasionally.  He put a post up last month that deserves reading, concerning the "Plan for the Village" that he campaigned on in April 2008, and an update on the progress.  Read it here.

  • I am surprised there isn't much of a push for the School Board and Trustee elections that are 6 short weeks away.  I've tracked down 4 of the 8 candidates to ask if they wanted to publish a long-form letter on their platform .. they were all interested, but so far .. no early birds getting the worm.  I encourage all the candidates to get in touch.  Lots of voters, reading this blog, ripe for the swaying.  Hint, hint.

  • The Silver Spring BID has a blog, mostly with promotional information about Silver Spring merchants.   I think the marketing of their website is all word-of-mouth, so make sure you check it and forward to others in the Bay. 

    Building traffic to a blog is a long, arduous process. This blog started just over 18 months ago ... traffic starts discouragingly slow, with only a few folks reading every day.   If you work hard, provide content people want to read, respond to readers of all sorts .. slowly, your 5 daily readers turns into 10 .. 30 .. turns into 100s.

  • As a side note .. the two themes that get the biggest hits on Village Spillage are .. politics .. and crime.  The elections create a wave of info-seekers since local races are covered thinly elsewhere.  --  But when I put "WFB" and "Crime" in a blog title, the blog gets a tsunami of traffic.   Last Thursday's "Crime Zone" got the 2nd highest one day traffic peak ever.

    (That gives me an idea.  I should put Crime in EVERY blog title!  edit ..  edit.  Traffic tsunami, here we come.  If you were tricked in to reading this posting .. sorry, no refunds.)

  • I'd like to, once again, plug the link to sign up for delivery of this blog via an Email Subscription.   The first year that was offered, the list would grow by a few folks every month.    The subscriber list has really taken off, and we've added about 60 in the past few weeks.  (I imagine some of that is due to my running for Trustee.)  The list cracked 150 subscribers just this week, although that's a fraction of the online readers, who wander in from the front page.

    The WFBNow website gets new content so infrequently, I understand why people don't check the site, and with it, this blog, often.

    That's why signing up for the email is the best method for delivery.   Just click here, enter your email, and you will get a verification email in return, click that, and you're all set!

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