Are you in the WFB Crime Zone?

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I wrote last month about the WFB Police Crime Alert .. more events have occurred, not surprisingly, in the same neighborhood.  (Click here to see the list.)

Here's a nifty map of all the crime .. (the blue pins are approximate addresses.)

So .. considering the last time there were two "crime zones" in WFB, it was NOT hooligans from Milwaukee, wandering in to do bad things. 

It's probably our own children, hooked by substance abuse, who need to break in to cars and garages to find money to support their habit, like the last two episodes.

Please note well:  I am guessing here.  I could totally be wrong.   But there's a good chance that history is repeating itself and there's a family on this map who is in trouble.   We've seen this movie before

It goes like this.  Most likely, someone's son has a substance abuse problem, whether it's oxy, heroin, cocaine, or something else.   Occasionally, he leaves the house to wander the neighborhood, "get some air."   The next day, the police report has a couple car break-ins, just blocks from their house.

The parents may or may not know what their child is up to.  If they do, they're trying everything they can to keep it together, knowing their own child is robbing their very own neighbors.   They are hoping against hope that their son will get control of his demons, while enduring daily heartbreak.

I have sympathy for that situation, I really do.  As a parent myself, I can't come up with a better word than heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, this movie will end badly.  The kid gets caught, or the parents turn him in, and he goes to jail.  Exhibit 1 .. Exhibit 2.

Meanwhile .. if you live on this map.. keep your car and house locked.  Take a look outside your house every night.  Unfortunately, you are probably looking for someone who looks just like one of your young neighbors.  It's not what they look like, it's what they are doing that needs your attention. 

911 is the number you need, since WFB police need to act upon your call immediately.  Yes, really.  911.   It's simply best to call, and let them take a look.  It's their job, and the community needs you to act.  (Read this for a good WFB 911 story.)

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