WFB Crime ALERT .. and a crying shame, Kaehler Travel in trouble

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First off .. I'm sure most of you have not subscribed to the WFB Police Alerts, so here's a bulletin.  Last night (Sunday) we had a small crime-spree and FOUR incidents were reported, all within a 3 block radius:

  • Sometime between noon on Sunday, 01/18/09 and 7:00am on Monday, 01/19/09 unknown actor(s) attempted to force entry to a detached garage in the 5300 block N. Bay Ridge Ave.  Entry not gained.
  • Sometime between 9:30pm on Sunday, 01/18/09 and 7:45am on Monday, 01/19/09 unknown actor(s) attempted to force entry to a detached garage in the 5400 block N. Santa Monica Blvd.  No items reported missing.
  • Sometime between 10:30pm on Sunday, 01/18/09 and 1:00am Monday, 01/19/09 unknown actor(s) entered a detached garage in the 5400 block N. Santa Monica Blvd.  Two unlocked vehicles entered but no items reported missing.
  • Sometime between 3:00pm on Sunday, 01/18/09 and 11:16am Monday, 01/19/09 unknown actor(s) forced entry to a detached garage in the 5400 block N. Shoreland Ave.  Taken was change, IPOD holder and phone adapter.

So .. as I wrote back in Autumn .. PLEASE take a look outside your home, down the street.  CALL 911 if you see ANYONE who just doesn't look right.   While you might have the misconception that you are looking for a certain racial makeup .. that would be false.

This has not been widely publicized, but the truth is a great chunk of crime comes from within.    Last year, two neighborhoods, one north, one south, endured incident after incident of two separate, drug-addicted youths, dealing drugs, breaking into cars and homes to steal enough for their habits. 

One of these WFB youths is currently under the charge of "1st Degree Reckless Homicide/Deliver Drugs" -- meaning, he sold drugs to someone who died due to overdose.    Read that sentence over again.   It's amazing and tragic at the same time.

While these two residents are behind bars .. the four incidents that happened last night may indicate we have a new problem area.  While it may ease your mind to think "bad guys" from Milwaukee are on the prowl, it could very well be the troubled kid next door.


In other news .. the crying shame part. 

Kaehler Travel is not quite closed, but is having a "Liquidation Sale."   Comments by an employee indicate one big reason was that the construction on Silver Spring hurt considerably.  

That being said .. This is not a done deal. 

Spring Break is right around the corner, and you need luggage. 

Kaehler is having a sale. 

Buy local, and help them stay afloat.

.. Oh, and another kick in the family jewels: All four Harry Schwartz bookstores are closing.  Sorry, Shorewood.

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