WFB Election Update III

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The extended registration deadline has come and gone, and we now know how the Whitefish Bay elections will shape up:

Two candidates have registered for the two 3-year terms, incumbent Trustee Richard Foster and myself.  The race is officially uncontested, and barring a write-in candidate, I will serve as Trustee in April. 

I admit, it's very anti-climactic to "win" an election position uncontested.  I enjoyed last April, attending a candidate party, waiting for the phone call with election results.  Yesterday, I read I had won because no one else volunteered to serve.

I wish to thank the many folks who prodded me into running, and the dozens who emailed me and signed my nomination papers.  

Whitefish Bay will have one Trustee race, as two candidates have registered for the single 1-year Trustee term: Sean Finnigan, and Jay Miller.  

Last year, when I interviewed candidates, I was aiming for citizen journalist from the perspective of the voter.  Now I'll be on the Board, and my biases for homeowners and merchants are no secret .. so I'm not sure how I'll blog this election.  Certainly, I will provide any candidate the opportunity to write to the public, far more than the 3 sentences they receive in the official NOW article.  


Last April, the School Board race was uncontested, so I didn't cover the election.  In 2009, there are 5 candidates running for 3 positions on the Board.  Kathy Rogers, Thomas DeMuth, Geraldine Steele, Joseph Martinelli and Deborah Frensz Taran are the five candidates.

I confess, I do not know many of the issues that confront the School Board, as my young children aren't in WFB schools yet.   I assume most issues begin and end with money, contracts, and the teacher's union.    I'd love to hear from voters on what major issues need to be discussed. 

School Board members make a cool $1,200/year, doubling the Trustee's take of $600/year.      Clearly, nobody is serving on either board for the money, but the disparity is odd.   For grins a chuckles, I've collected the data for a number of Milwaukee's suburbs:


School Board Members Trustees/
WFB $1,200 600 1,200
Shorewood 1000 1,000 1,000
Bayside None 1,200 ?
Thiensville ?
1,800 3,600
Glendale 540/1000 2,700 5,700
Brown Deer 3,100 3,600 ?
Wauwatosa ?
4,200 ?
Mequon None 5,500 ?
Germantown 3,500 5,500 ?
Men Falls 5,000 5,500 7,500
Greenfield ?
6,300 ?
West Allis ?
7,000 ?
Brookfield ?
9,900 ?
New Berlin ?
10,000 10,600
River Hills ?
0 ?
Fox Point None 0 ?
Elm Grove 3,600 0 ?

It's interesting that WFB pays their board members the least of all the suburbs who pay.  Must be an easy job, right?

EDIT:  No, I'm not laying out the case to boost salaries!!  Just reporting the stats.

WFB Trustee/School Board CANDIDATES:  Please email me ( at your earliest convenience if you'd like to discuss your campaign for publication.


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