WFB Trustee Race Update - Candidate(s) Needed!

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Last Tuesday, when I announced I would volunteer to run for Village Trustee, I was quickly humbled by receiving a few dozen emails from new supporters within a couple hours.   It was interesting meeting with all these folks who are fans of this blog, but I've never met before.   Honored to meet so many supporters in such a short time.

I have enough signatures to be on the ballot.

I admit .. I've been profoundly remiss in publicly beating the bushes for candidates to run our Village.  Privately, I've tried to goad people into running, but that only goes so far. 

While I (and the NOW) are unaware of any changes since the New Year, NO CANDIDATES have filed for the One-Year Trustee position.

The deadline is Tuesday, January 6th at 5pm.

So .. Think you have something to offer Whitefish Bay?   Even if you don't want to run a campaign, the One-Year term is sitting there, waiting for someone to step up.

It's interesting that 4 short months ago, seven Villagers wrote out applications and went through an interview process to be appointed as a Trustee to fill out Brennan's term.   Today, none of those folks (besides incumbent Foster) have applied to run for the "sign and you're in" 1-year term. -- There was talk that one of the "finalists" was seriously considering putting his name in, but so far .. that hasn't happened.

So .. unless something changes, in April, the first order of business for the Trustees will be to .. drum roll .. ask for applications for a 1-year appointment to the Board, just as they did 4 months ago.

So here's what you need to do:

Monday - File EB-1 and EB-162 at Village Hall.  They are easy, short forms to fill out.  They must be presented at Village Hall BEFORE you can collect signatures.

Tuesday - 5pm - File EB-169 - Nomination papers.  You need a minimum of 20 signatures, but you should get a few more, just in case any of them are incorrect (signed by someone under 18, not living in the Bay, etc.)   I found that most households were "good" for two signatures, so you're really going for 10 households, if you have some luck.

Yes, time is tight.  It's not easy getting 20+ signatures in such a short time.   Come by my house, my wife and I will sign. 

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