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I don't often have truly important things to write about.  Sure, writing about WFB issuing citations for sign violations may be fun to read, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not all that important.

This is.

I got an email from a WFB resident, and have received permission to publish its cautionary tale.   Myself not having children old enough to have been challenged in this way, I was unaware of the drug problems in Whitefish Bay.  Clearly, there is zero media attention to the issue, and this specific death.

Her story begins with Ben Paliafito, a 19-year old, who died from an overdose two weeks ago, just a day after Thanksgiving.   You can read Ben's obituary here.

But take the time to read some of the entries from Ben's funeral "Guest book" located here.  I don't know the Paliafito family, but from reading that guest book, you can surmise they are just like any typical Whitefish Bay family, with hopes and dreams, friends and family, all shocked and in mourning over Ben's death.

Please, gentle readers, if you are a parent of a teen, don't dismiss this story as something that can't happen to your family.  Children are extraordinarily gifted in hiding issues from their parents.

Learn from this story:


I am a Whitefish Bay parent of 3 boys (11, 16 & 19) and am totally fed up with the amount of drug trafficking that starts within the middle school and continues on into the high school with very high incidences.  Just two weeks ago, Ben Paliafito, a young man from WFB, only 19 years old, died from a drug overdose, a combination of "Oxy" and alcohol.  Ben's death is the 2nd drug overdose death in a little over a year and a half in our area.

I know that there is a whole group of kids that buy and sell drugs here in the area and I know this only too well because my own son was involved with them until I had him arrested.  Yes, that's right, I had my own son arrested because he was involved in drugs!  I saw this coming; I forewarned my son that I would conduct random searches of his room for drugs, and I have always told my boys that if you don't follow the rules and believe what the consequences will be, you will pay the price.  My own son tested me beyond the limits.  He may have hated me at the time, but I do know now that what I did not only removed him from the WFB drug scene, but I also saved his life and got him the help he needed to change his life.

While I was at Ben's memorial service last week I spoke with a lot of kids, asking them if they felt all of this drug usage is really worth it or if more kids needed to die from a drug overdose before they started questioning their own behaviors.  I told them to talk to Ben's family and ask them what this has done to them and to think about their own families.  What I really wanted to do that night was stand up in front of everybody and shout "Is all of this worth dying over?" I can only hope that just one of these kids listened and saw the reality of why we were all there that night.

I also spoke with one of the guidance counselors at WFB High School following this recent death of one of their graduates and they know drugs are being sold in school!  Yes, I am sure that it is happening too, and all parents of students need to be aware of this and help to put a stop to it now before we lose more of our kids to this senseless behavior for nothing more than a momentary high!

What we need here in Whitefish Bay are more pro-active parents who know their kids are on the verge of this behavior or already involved in drugs and aren't afraid to stand up to their kids.  Ignoring this drug problem is not going to make it go away!!  There must be plenty of parents out there who do exactly that -- pretend that there isn't a problem or hope their kid will straighten themselves out.  It doesn't happen that way folks . . . it only gets worse!


June Rubner
A very concerned parent




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