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From Ciao Café, to Sal's Pizza (almost), to "What's Poppin" .. 404 E. Silver Spring should have a new tenant shortly.

What's Poppin is going to sell "30+ varieties of popcorn .. Fudge .. and Candy Apples."  Cherry, blueberry and vanilla popcorn?  Redonculous.

The real hook is that they will also serve soup, sandwiches, and ice cream.

I'm not sure what the emphasis is on, whether it's the fudge/popcorn, or soup/sandwich, but I'd say Silver Spring is in dire need of an ice cream shop.   I'll write more as details come in.

Their website can be found here:


Back in September, the WFB Trustees voted to hire The Kilduff Company as a recruiter for Silver Spring to "seek retail businesses that will help enhance the success of the entire business district."   Village Manager James Grassman called the $29,000 six-month contract, "an experiment."   From this article, "at the end of six months, officials will decide whether the experiment shows enough promise to go further."

So, three months into the six month contract, an issue I've been talking to landlords about came up at this week's CDA meeting:   Apparently, Kilduff has not contacted all (or any) of the Silver Spring landlords to inquire about their vacancies.

Wouldn't that be Step #1 in recruiting businesses?  Don't you need to know the inventory of what you're trying to sell?  How does Kilduff know what properties are available, what are their specs, electrical, plumbing, rates, square footage, and expansion possibilities are .. unless they ask the landlords?  This makes no sense.

Apparently, no Kilduff representative came to the CDA meeting and therefore could not answer these basic questions or give a status report, at this, the mid-way point of their contract.

Whitefish Bay officials should demand that Kilduff give an immediate status report, and get some of these basic questions answered.  This contract is over in 90 short days, and it would appear Kilduff hasn't done the basic homework.


As I'd written about and hoped for, the WFB Police Department has slowly started adding "announcements" to the Village's website.   The announcement page can be found here.

However, as I imagine very few people read the announcement page with any frequency, you can sign up for "Recent Crime Notification" emails.  I signed up two weeks ago, and so far, no emails have been sent.  I guess that means Whitefish Bay hasn't had any crime in the last few weeks, right?

Sign up for Crime emails here.



As I wrote this weekend, there's a pretty inexpensive way to throw a wireless cloud around Silver Spring, for around $3k.  I got many emails on that subject, unanimously positive.  One asked how, as a villager, they could help make this happen.

  1. Contact the Village Trustees (Send them an email here: -- Yes, that's the Village Manager's email.  Unfortunately, that's how you contact your Trustees.)
  2. Contact CDA Members
  3. Talk to the new BID Board members.  The BID might be the best place to start, as they have funds, and are in control of business improvements.



As I'd previously suggested .. November 17th is too early to end leaf pickup.   Every weekend, I rake my leaves.  In the two weeks after Nov. 17th, I bagged enough leaves to hide an SUV. 

Here's half of them, before I dutifully bagged them (11 bags and counting):





Of course, not everyone follows the rules.  My neighbor was dumping them in the gutter a week later, and I told him the bad news:  Deadline passed.  You need to bag your leaves.  

His response? 

"The Village can do what they want with these leaves.  Pick them up now, or plow them when the snow comes."





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