DMV charging WFB residents too much?

Last week, I got an email from a WFB resident temporarily living in Germany who discovered that the DMV was charging residents of the 53217 Zip Code an additional $20 "Wheel Tax" which was recently enacted in the CITY of Milwaukee.  WFB shares 53217 with Milwaukee, Glendale, Fox Point, and Bayside.

UPDATE: The 53211 zip is also effected, as it has part of Milwaukee, WFB, and Shorewood.

So, thank you to the Yunker family for discovering this, and passing it on to Village officials.   They have sent out an email alert, although I imagine not many people have subscribed to this system.  I am reprinting the Village's warning for your pleasure:


Recently the City of Milwaukee enacted a Wheel Tax on all vehicles owned by their residents.  The State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is enforcing this "wheel tax" by including it to the cost to register a vehicle.  Unfortunately, the DMV has been including the tax on all residents who live within a shared zip code where both the suburb and portion of the City are located.

This charge is only for City of Milwaukee residents, and all Whitefish Bay residents who received this charge in error are encouraged to call the DMV to have it removed.  Please choose the following options to have this corrected:

If you feel you've been incorrectly assessed the City of Milwaukee wheel tax, you can call the DMV's Vehicle Records Section at (608) 266-3666.

If you believe that you erroneously paid the tax without realizing it, you can call the DMV's Research and Information Section at (608) 266-1466 or send a written request for a refund to: Department of Transportation, PO Box 8070, Madison, WI 53708-8070.

Residents are reminded to list Whitefish Bay and not Milwaukee as their place of residency when registering their vehicles.  This information is important because it is used to help calculate State funding sources like shared revenues which are important to the general operation of the Village.

Generally, the renewal fee is $75 for autos, but more if you have personalized plates or other special items on your bill.  You can determine the correct DMV renewal fee by hitting this site:

But, hey, Whitefish Bay Village Hall .. thanks for sending out that email bulletin.   That's a great use for that system, sending out news alerts villagers need to know.  It'd be great if we could get other pressing information, like the status of Silver Spring closures, police reports of frequently occurring crime we should be aware of .. plenty of other examples.

Email is free, use it!

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