Creme closing .. Silver Spring going to 1 lane

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And the umpteenth store to close on Silver Spring is ... Creme Boutique.

In an email to customers, Creme owners reported:

We are very sorry to tell you that Creme Boutique will close on October 29.  We had hoped that adding Kid's Consignment to the store would help business, but the economy and other factors have made continuing impossible.
We will be having a store wide sale (excluding consignment clothes) starting on October 1st.

Sad.  Another small business bites the dust on Silver Spring.

Prepare for more.  We've been skirting around an "official" recession in 2008, but it's hard to believe the economy will improve any time in the next 6-12 months.   On top of that .. with the credit market crisis, it's going to be nearly impossible for any new businesses to open.

And, of course, Silver Spring is now undergoing street construction, which will eliminate parking, and frustrate the very customers that merchants are depending on.

The latest gut-punch to arrive, is that WFB officials had been telling merchants that SS would remain open in both directions, so Silver Spring sort of looked open.  In an email sent to merchants this week, that's no longer the case.  Silver Spring will be down to 1-lane Eastbound. 

Yes, construction will be suspended from Thanksgiving to Jan 1.  Raise your hand if you think that will make a difference.  What does "suspended" mean, anyhow?  I'm guessing it'll still be 1-way traffic with no parking.  How is that going to help?  UPDATE:  Trustee Fehring has commented below .. the contractor is required to close up all trenches, put down temporary asphalt.  Sounds like 2 way traffic plus parking.  Great to hear.

November and December are the two most important months for the local merchants, many who are just skating by.  The timing of this construction will push a few over the edge.


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