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Redevelopment, Silver Spring, Streetscaping

I've let drop a number of WFB stories over the past few weeks.  Let's get to it.

Farrenkopf Hiring

Whitefish Bay hired retired Menomonee Falls Village Manager Richard Farrenkopf as Mary Jo Lange's semi-temporary replacement as director of public works and village engineer. 

I checked with the Village Spillage - Menomonee Falls office, and they couldn't say enough good things about Farrenkopf.   

Sounds like a home run hire for Whitefish Bay.  

Leaf Collection

The Village Trustees voted to end the seasonal curbside leaf pick-up on November 17th of this year.  If I recall correctly, this had something to do with the timing of the DPW getting leaves versus cleaning the storm sewer inlets.

Uh, guys?  You can't fool with Mother Nature.   I have three enormous Maple trees in my back yard, and they only start falling in November.  I rake every weekend, and the weekly pile I create is about the size of a Honda.  November 17th is about the 5th inning of a 9 inning game.   I realize you can still bag the leaves, but stopping that service so early is very unhelpful.

Oh, and guess what?  Most people will just rake the leaves into the gutter anyhow, regardless of the new date, as they will assume pick-up goes until Mother Nature says it should stop.   Eventually, the snow plows will scatter the piles unless they are picked up.  Just saying.

New Condos?

I haven't commented yet about the condo plan behind the Fox Bay.   I can't say I have a strong opinion either way. 

I've heard some suggest "Retail follows Residents" .. I just don't see that applying here.  Silver Spring has 5,000 people within a 3 minute walk.  An extra 50 people living in condos will do zero to attract businesses to Silver Spring.

Oh .. and don't we already have a half-empty Condotastrophe on Silver Spring and Lake?  Do we need more?

On the other hand .. as far as I can tell, this is an "off-Broadway" production.  This is more of a Santa Monica / Beaumont project.  It's behind Silver Spring.   If condos go up there .. the only possible negative effect on Silver Spring is perhaps the loss of parking for the future droves of customers that SS may generate in the future in a galaxy far away.

Let's see what the people on Santa Monica and Beaumont think.  They're the ones who will be staring at this sucker.  

Silver Spring Construction

Silver Spring will start to get ripped up in the next few weeks, first for sewer work, then early 2009, for Street-scaping .. seriously.  I'm not kidding. 

No, no, really. 

No, my pants are not on fire right now. 

Ok, fine, don't believe me.  I'm not sure I'll believe it until I see some orange barrels out there.

Amazing that we've been thinking and thinking about this for years, and here we are, starting in October.   Call me crazy, but wouldn't it have been better to do road construction well before winter?  

Apparently, they'll be blocking off one block of SS at a time, stopping from Thanksgiving to January 1st, to allow the SS Merchants some semblance of a holiday shopping season.  

New Trustee Interviews

Next Tuesday, Sep 23, the Trustees will meet to interview the seven applicants for Trustee Brennan's vacated spot.   So far, none of the seven have taken me up on my offer to give them an opportunity to discuss their candidacy with the public.  Offer still stands.


About 3 weeks ago, two cars from the same house were stolen one night, near my house.   How?

One car was unlocked, and had the keys inside.  FOR BOTH CARS.  Easiest grand theft auto those guys ever saw.

Safety tip #1: Come on, people.  Lock your cars.  Don't leave your keys in there.  Bad guys are cruising around Whitefish Bay with regularity.

Interesting .. I was talking to a guy in Tosa .. they have a neighborhood block watch .. I asked him what that really was, as I doubted he "walked a beat" .. he told me they just learned some simple things, like everyone should leave their outdoor lights on, etc. 

The most interesting thing he told me, was that Tosa police want you to call 911 for ANYTHING, no matter how minor, anyone who looks out of place.   An example he gave was .. if a solicitor comes to your door, ask to see their permit.  If they don't have one, call 911.   That sounds odd, I would have thought they'd suggest a non-emergency number.  -- I do not know if the same rule applies in Whitefish Bay, so don't go calling 911 on odd looking Girl Scouts.


There was a fire last week a block over from me, at 3am.  Everyone got out safe, but the dog died from smoke inhalation.  Tragic.  Firefighters found that there wasn't an operable smoke detector in the house. 

Safety tip #2:  Check your smoke detectors right now.    Seriously.  I'm done here, so stop reading and go check them.   Make sure you have a CO detector, too.  We have two in my house, and we might not be here if it weren't for that.


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