Sandy Pasch, future State Rep., Responds

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 Sandy Pasch, victorious in her race for Sheldon Wasserman's seat in the 22nd, has responded below.

(Yes, yes, I know.  There's still a general election to get past.  As long as Pasch doesn't call Wadhwa's plans for the 22nd "lipstick on a pig," so he can claim phony outrage, she'll be fine.)

From: Sandra Pasch
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008
To: Kevin Buckley
Subject: Re: Election

Kevin, thank you for the opportunity to extend my gratitude to your readers. I appreciate each and every vote I received in the primary, and respect the votes cast for my opponents. I would like everyone in our community to know that, assuming I win in November, I intend to represent all of them well.

I also have great respect for the hard work that Dan, Andy and Guy put into the campaign, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

There are two forums I am scheduled to attend for the November election, and I assume Yash Wadwha will be there as well. Those are:

Jewish Federation, Thursday, October 16th, 7pm at JCC
North Shore Rotary, Monday, October 20th, 12:00pm at Pandl’s

The pre-primary forums were very well attended, and I hope we have as many people come out for the upcoming forums.

Thanks again,

Sandy Pasch

Hopefully, these new forums will allow the candidates to speak in more than 60-second sound-bites!

Finally .. to the hundreds of new readers of this blog .. welcome!  The past few weeks have been dedicated to the 22nd race .. future entries will mostly be about Whitefish Bay.  Stick around!   Even better .. no need to check the blog every day to see if something has been written ..  Have it delivered to your inbox, so you won't miss anything.  Free.  Click here.

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