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 Got one response from one of the candidates.   Still waiting on the others...


Thanks for the voice you've provided for the 22nd assembly race - you certainly helped to fill the media gap in the coverage of local issues. 
I'm actually very happy that Sandy won.  She deserves the win and will certainly be a capable representative for us in Madison after she wins again in November.  High quality women in elected positions are a great benefit to the bodies they serve in.  I experience this perspective first-hand in Shorewood with the three women who are on our Village Board; Dawn Anderson, Ellen Eckman and Margaret Hickey. 
Reflecting on this campaign, I would hope for a bit more moderation in the future for dollars being spent.  I wish to think that $20,000 per candidate would be adequate to get the word out to a district that has a population of 55,000 citizens. 
My guess is that we just witnessed a total expenditure of over $250,000 for a four person primary, and I don't mean to sound like sour grapes because I only accounted for about 2 percent of the total spent.  I do believe that this race served as an example of hitting diminishing returns as it relates to campaign spending.

Guy is correct about the spending, although one candidate skewed the results.  These dollar figures on spending were prior to Sept 1, so they may have gone up.


Votes Spent $/Vote
Pasch 2,909  $    45,000.00  $    15.47
Feldman 2,839  $    49,000.00  $    17.26
Kohl 1,786  $  171,000.00  $    95.74
Johnson 329  $      5,000.00  $    15.20




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