22nd: What a race! Recount worthy?

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Wow .. I've watched the results roll in .. First, Kohl was in the lead by 20 points.  I'm guessing River Hills reported first.

His lead was short lived, as Pasch sprang into the lead after ~50% of the vote was counted, but Feldman was always 2% behind.

Pasch held that lead until 94% of the vote ..  then FELDMAN TOOK THE LEAD! 

97% ..  Feldman's lead down to 15 votes!  FIFTEEN!

3% outstanding vote?  What's that?  Maybe absentee votes from one village haven't been tallied?  Could be a long night.


Wow.  That's one narrow margin.  Does Wisconsin have a law that triggers a recount when the difference is so small? 

Let's look back to my predictions from last week:

1. Pasch - 31%  (37%)
2. Feldman - 30% (36%)
3. Kohl - 21% (23%)
4. Johnson - 18% (5%)

I was pretty damn close, picking 1-2-3-4.  I'd predicted Pasch wins by 1%, and that's what happened. 

I was surprised at the low total for Johnson.  I figured he would do very well in Shorewood .. I guess when you get outspent 10 to 1, you lose big.  I miscalculated .. Shorewood is too liberal to vote for a moderate like Johnson.

I was pretty close on Kohl, though.  He spent $171,000 on this race, triple Pasch and Feldman .. I think he just got outworked by those two, who were tireless, and perhaps had more captivating candidacies. 

I was a tiny bit off on Sensenbrenner/Burkee.  I figured Sensie would win by 70%.  It looks like it's closer to 60%.   Regardless, my advice to forget that race, focus on the 22nd was spot on.

Click here for the election results:  http://elections.todaystmj4.com/G4009.htm

Will write more tomorrow with any new info.

MORNING UPDATE : Sorry .. still know nothing about this race.   Clearly, I'd like to write a post on the winner and her campaign.  But for all we know, the race results aren't final.  70 votes is a tiny margin.

I've emailed all the candidates for statements.  Dunno if Feldman conceded .. dunno if there's a recount possibility.  About the only thing I do know is .. Wisconsin does not have an automatic recount for close races.

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