Why was Guy Johnson shut out of the forum?

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Very early this morning, I received an email from Guy Johnson, responding to my previous entry about the Milwaukee Area Jewish Committee's forum for the 22nd Assembly District's candidates, which included Wadhwa, Pasch, Feldman, and Kohl.  

In it, I mentioned Johnson's absence from the forum, and expressed my disappointment and hinted he had "other priorities."  I admit, something else may be afoot.

From Johnson:

In early August, I was invited by the Milwaukee Area Jewish Committee to participate in this forum, and was asked if I would be available either on August 28 or September 2.  I informed the event planners that August 28 would work but that September 2 conflicted with a crucial board meeting... We are at a critical junction on this $4 million project and it is very complex as it relates to substantial state funding, our need for good street-scaping design, potential bike accommodations, and meeting the requirements of our Central District Master Plan. 

Then I received notice that the assembly candidate forum would indeed take place on September 2 and was informed that if need be, I could send a "surrogate" to attend for me.  Needless to say, I was very disappointed with this development.  I weighed the tough choice I faced and determined that my obligation to carry on with the critical deliberations of the reconstruction project was paramount. 

My accountability to my constituents with such an important agenda item trumps all.  And I will be happy to expand on the naivety of anyone who believes that the date of this critical board meeting could be easily changed.

So, that begs the question .. why was September 2nd chosen, and not August 28th?   I am really, really hoping there is a solid reason for this, and not some shenanigans.   Really.  Hoping.  I think we need an explanation from the Milwaukee Area Jewish Committee, post haste.

In light of this, I will post  Johnson's answers to two of the questions I'd written about yesterday:

What is your #1 priority as a legislator?

Guy Johnson:   Without question – the structural budget deficit that Wisconsin faces.  Without solving this, all else can’t truly be addressed.

What would you like your first piece of legislation to be?

Guy Johnson:   Pass a comprehensive ban on smoking in public facilities.  We are doing it in Shorewood -- Minnesota and Illinois have done it.  It’s time for Wisconsin, and it should be a quick hit success for Wisconsin!

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