One Year

Happy Blogversary to Village Spillage.

One year ago, June 25, 2007 .. I volunteered to write this blog for WhitefishBayNOW: Village Spillage.

Here are a few stats:

It's been a long year in Whitefish Bay. 

We've closed Armin Koch, Murray's Wine & Spirits, Mike Crivello's, Hecker's Shoes, and now the retail part of Just Kidding.  We gained one restaurant (yet to open), and gained, then lost Sal's Pizza.

We had many interesting debates about the future of Silver Spring including whether an Aurora Health Clinic brings the Drive any closer to a vibrant business district.  

We've lost incumbents on the Village Board, and replaced them with two fresh voices. 

Oh, and my family increased by one.

The news I've written about came from many sources, from Villagers sending tips, to the sparse traditional media coverage we receive.  Generally speaking, that's what keeps me going, as I hope to fill the media void and perform a public service with this blog and the attention it receives.

I'd better end with some quick birthday wishes for the next year:

  1. Silver Spring fills all the vacant properties with tenants that bring a new vibrancy to WFB
  2. WFB completes the street-scaping plan for Silver Spring
  3. Night Parking Tickets are abolished
  4. Contested races for Village Trustee in April 2009
  5. Whitefish Bay brings back Trick or Treating on the day the rest of the country does it: October 31st.
Finally, I encourage anyone reading this to subscribe via email.  How many of the 81 articles about WFB have you read, because you don't check the NOW website incessantly?   Just click here and you'll receive each column in your email box, free of course.

Oh, and please leave comments!  You like what I'm trying to do here?  Don't leave me hanging.  If there's another place to have public dialog in Whitefish Bay, I'm all for it, but for now, this is it.  Let's hear your voice.

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