Took 10 Years..


We've lived in Whitefish Bay 10 years and it finally happened. 

We woke up one morning and my wife said .. "Oh, crap.  We left the car in the street over-night."  

Maybe we won't have a ticket, I foolishly thought.  Maybe they saw our car and thought, hey, I know that car.  I'll bet they just forgot to pull their car into their driveway.  No need to penalize them.

Not a chance .. there, in blaze orange was our $15 night-parking ticket.

Man, I hate that law.  How does $7,000 in yearly property taxes not give you the right to park in front of your house?  

Yes, yes, I know you can get permission, 15 times per year, to park in front of your own residence.  Well, we forgot the car was out there.  We don't have a garage, which means we have to jocky our two cars in and out occasionally, sometimes parking in the street for one spouse to pull in first.

I can't say I understand the premise of the 3am-5am parking restriction.  To prevent crime?  Not sure I believe that.  The car parked next to my house is far more hidden than one on the street.   To control the number of cars each household can own?  That doesn't make much sense, as if you have a long driveway, you could easily park a half-dozen cars on your drive.   Maybe it's so the street sweepers can do a good job.  Of course, they don't roll at 3am-5am, so that's no good.

Seriously, if anyone knows the theory behind this law, I'd love to hear it.

In the meantime, how about "retro-active" permission instead of writing tickets?

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