Sal's Pizza, we hardly knew ye.

Deadpool, Redevelopment, Silver Spring

I was forwarded an email from a loyal reader with news from Eric Bahr, the manager of Sal's Pizza in Cedarburg. 

Sal's Pizza will not be opening a new restaurant on Silver Spring, nor anywhere else.

I've received a few updates .. Sal's was concerned about the usual things.  Downturn in the economy .. they've noticed less volume at their Cedarburg joint .. plus high rent demands = cold feet.

I'd say that Sal's Pizza in WFB is a victim of $4 gasoline.  More money spent on driving, less on eating out.  Plus fuel costs driving the cost of pizza ingredients, flour, cheese, tomatoes way up.

DAMN!  I really thought that was going to be a huge hit for Silver Spring.   Note to the landlord: What are there, 500 pizza places in a 25 mile radius?  One of them could be talked into expanding to a pizza-starved location.  Start calling.

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