Could not dream? Conflict of interest.

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In today's NorthshoreNOW there was a "Public Forum" letter titled "Village could not dream of better proposal" .. which professed glowing support for the Aurora Advanced Health Clinic, to be discussed at the Plan Commission next Tuesday, April 29th

Seriously?  Could not dream of a better proposal?    "It is a much better proposal than boutiques that do not have a history of longevity."  

"Residents of all ages would have access in their own neighborhood to a physician.."    I had no idea the mostly well-insured residents of Whitefish Bay were so starved for health care.  One would have thought the 200+ doctors within 2 miles would be enough.  Guess not.

The author continues " would be available, and there would be no concerns about late-night hours or permits to serve alcohol."    Can you imagine the horror that would befall Whitefish Bay if there were businesses that drew people to Silver Spring after dark?  That serve booze?   Pandemonium!

And those "jobs" the writer suggests?  I got an email from a loyal reader today that might explain this...

The Public Forum letter in today's North ShoreNOW in support of the Aurora Advanced Healthcare Clinic is written by .. the wife of an Advanced Healthcare physician. She does not so indicate this in her letter.

And, if Google is correct, if this 2002 picture (page 5) is one of the author herself, it turns out she worked as a nurse at Aurora Healthcare!

Ahhhh.  Now I understand what "jobs" she's talking about.   Can you say .. conflict of interest?

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