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Whitefish Bay's own Milwaukee County Supervisor Joe Rice put out an e-newsletter today.   I gotta admit, I love this kind of stuff.

How often do your elected officials communicate with you?  Not very often.   Besides the occasional news McNugget in the paper, you know very little of what your officials are doing on your dime.

Rice's newsletter can be read here. 

Better yet, you can add yourself to his distribution by shooting an email to with "subscribe" in the subject.  

One of the graphs in the newsletter is interesting .. it describes how the average per capita Milwaukee County tax burden is $269 .. but for Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Bayside, Fox Point, River Hills .. the average is a whopping $546.

That's just an amazing stat.  We pay more than twice the rate the rest of the county pays in Milwaukee County taxes. 

What makes that especially galling, is where the vast majority of the $1.3 billion expenditures go:  The City of Milwaukee.  Think, for a moment, how many County dollars are spent on Whitefish Bay.  Well .. there's Klode and Big Bay Park ... they gotta pay someone to mow those in the summer.  Ummm .. I suppose we have a few bad apples who end up using the Milwaukee County Court System, but you can assume that's a tiny fraction of the people that flow through that building.  

Northshore residents use the zoo, museums, and golf courses in higher numbers, cashing in on the few bucks in County Resident discounts.   I suppose we're pleased the Sheriff's Department is patrolling I-43.

Suburban taxpayers pay twice the rate Milwaukee residents pay, and use probably a fifth of the services that are provided.  Residents get a fraction of the value, while greatly subsidizing the City, where the lion's share is spent.

With the secession conversation circling MATC's district, how about the Northshore communities join up with Ozaukee County?  They're right next door.

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