WFB Municipal Judge Candidate: Paul Christensen

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We have another race in Whitefish Bay, for Municipal Judge.   Current Judge Patrick Brennan is leaving his post, and two challengers are on the ballot.  The first is Robert Peterson who owns his own firm specializing in criminal law .. the other is Paul Christensen who has a general law practice on the East Side of Milwaukee.  For the record, current Judge Brennan has had the position for 15 years, and defeated Peterson 3 years ago.

I admit I didn’t intend to do candidate profiles for the Judge race, mainly because, probably like most people in Whitefish Bay, I don’t know upon what platform you would vote for or against a candidate for Municipal Judge.   Not being a troublemaker myself, I didn’t even know we had a Judge!  Turns out, we do, and Municipal court is in session two days per month, hearing the cases we all read about in the Crime Blotter, e.g., DWIs, bad checks, juvenile crime. 

That being said, I was contacted by Paul Christensen, who lived a few doors down from me and was one of the first to welcome me to Whitefish Bay.    

I haven't personally needed Christensen's legal skills, but what I can tell you is that I heard him playing with his kids every single night, a few houses down.    Paul has lived in the Village for 19 years, got his undergrad from Creighton and Law Degree from Marquette.    He’s a member of the North Shore Rotary Club and volunteers at St. Monica’s school and church.

Why is he running?  “This is my opportunity to make sure that the community has their legal issues taken care of fairly.  I listen carefully, and think my prior work as a volunteer makes me more attuned to the Village.  Before the election, I intend to knock on most doors in Whitefish Bay and make myself available to meet with its residents in a variety of forums. I feel it is important to make that connection.”   Christensen has a long list of Whitefish Bay endorsers, from Village residents to a few dozen attorneys.

Christensen has a meet-and-greet this Saturday, March 8th at the Whitefish Bay Women’s Club on 600 E. Henry Clay from 1pm-3:30pm.  All are welcome.

.. As for all the candidates who are running in April, Trustee, President, School Board, or Judge .. let’s just say none of these people are doing it for the money or the glory.  I thank all of them for their service to our Village, giving up family time for civic duty.

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